Esther, A Queen Who Changed History

About the Book

Esther is one of the Bible's most extraordinary heroines. Her fair face captivated many, but her rise from Jewish orphan to queen of a powerful empire had everything to do with her beautiful soul. God placed Esther in the grand palace of Persia because He could use her to carry out His plan. Her faithfulness preserved the Jewish people.

Behind the ruling powers of Persia were arrogant men willing to destroy the Jews. Beneath the royal gowns and jewels was a humble young lady willing to risk her life to obey God's will. Every chapter of Esther, A Queen Who Changed History reminds us how God blesses those who trust in Him and punishes those who oppose Him. Every event reveals how Jesus Christ controls history despite the evil schemes of Satan. So read and see the fascinating drama unfold and remember that God never breaks His promises. Remember also that Esther's God, the God of Israel, is the God of everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ..

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